Colophon of the Week

Submitted for the Colophon of the Week (once I look up a definition of what the heck a colophon is), from the Newsdesigner blog:

This site was coded with rudimentary HTML, PHP, CSS and BEER. The 3-column CSS layout was adapted from one found at Position Is Everything. BBEdit helped wrangle the alphabet soup, and Adobe Photoshop rearranged the pixels. Most everything is powered by Movable Type, and Verve Hosting keeps all the ones and zeroes safely on their spinning platters.

The typography: David Berlow’s Cheltenham FB and Giza, Matthew Carter’s Verdana and Georgia, and a touch of Franklin Gothic and Utopia.

This site is best viewed with a stiff drink in hand and in any browser that is not Internet Explorer.

Whew, that is attitude! Bark bark, woof woof! We like it. Written by Portlan Oregon “News Designer” Mark Friesen, this site is a must read for those who have an eye for news. Heck, I never even knew that news was designed! Check out the left sidebar which pulls up front page screen shots from major news papers, world wide. I’m curious how these are loaded..

Yup, we love a blog with real bite and real personaility.

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