The week of February 28, 2005 through March 4 , our Ocotillo Hybrid Course Structures group is hosting an asynchronous discussion board activity. We are pleased and fortunate to have Bob Kaleta and staff from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Learning Technology Center (LTC) as our guests, and they will be checking the board to ask/answer questions and hopefully provoke some good discussion. The UWM Hybrid web site is one of the must have bookmarks in the field, and the LTC has some of the most valuable experience and wisdom to share.

While our primary goal is to engage our own Maricopa faculty and staff, we welcome others interested in hybrid/blended learning to join in. The discussion board is open to anyone to read, but to post there you need to register and create an account.

This is part of our goal to not only talk about hybrid formats, but to engage in hybrid format activities.

See more on the event details and how to register.

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