Helen is Coming To Town!

This Friday, the self-proclaimed “Grandmother of Electronic Portfolios”, Helen Barrett is coming to town as our guest for our event “ePortfolio Dialogue Day: Digital Stories of Deep Learning for Students and Faculty”, where we are expecting an audience of 90+ faculty and staff.

The day’s agenda is split-starting with a morning focus on student ePortfolios, with Helen presenting on her recent work connecting digital storytelling and eports, but the highlight (sorry Helen) hopefully will be a student panel we are assembling with 5 Maricopa students who are now or recently have been building ePortfolios. We are planning on capturing the audio of this discussion to be able to post online.

Over lunch we are planning on setting up computer stations with a collection of Maricopa ePortfolios available for viewing, as well as having the student panel members and other faculty present be on hand to share their experiences.

The afternoon shifts to discussions of faculty portfolios, with another session led by Helen plus some group activity. We are planning a followup event in mid April where those who are eager to get started can have a hands on experience with an ePortfolio system, and hopefully between now and then they will be accumulating or reflecting on what they want to bring as artifacts.

Mostly we are eager and pleased that Helen was willing to travel to Arizona in the middle of winter (!), seriously, we are fortunate to have an expert of her caliber coming here, and I know she is a dynamic speaker for faculty and students.

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