Call me fickle, but despite some recent barking about the new social bookmark site Jots, I am romping back to for my primary bookmarking. Ttecnically, I am using my multi-bookmark tool to post to, Furl, and our Bag of URLs site… Furl since I have a big pile there not elsewhere, the “Bag” since I use it to send links to a list within our system.

But I am back to for its ease of tagging via the bookmark tool- not only does it nicely auto complete tags when typed in, it also makes using my previous tags a one clikc suggestio, and it offers a decent set of suggested tags perhaps used by others.

So for example, I just dumped in the Google Sightseeing site, a fun place that catalogs interesting things that have been found in the Satellite views of Google Maps…

So if things work well, the first thing I do is to use my mouse to highlight a chunk of text on the bookmark target page– the text should be what works well to describe the site (shame on sites that bury or do not provide this at all):


From there a click on my bookmark tool presents the basic entering screen- the highlighted text goes into the extended description field:


I can then just click among the available tags listed below- recommended tags (based on? the text description? not sure), my own existing tags, and “popular tags” (guessing the tags most used by others who have tagged the same site)… so in about 5 clicks I have tagged this site:


This is just darned efficient and sensible, just on the front end of quickly loading and tagging sites.

So I am back at (although I hate having to type that name in my blog! It takes too much typing dexterity!)

The post "Back To Bookmarking" was originally yanked out of the teeth of a rabid chicken at CogDogBlog ( on June 12, 2005.


  • D'Arcy Norman

    Alan, how did you get the highlighted text to go into the Extended field? I can select text until I’m blue in the face, and nothing gets added to the Extended field.

  • My own bookmarklet tool grabs the selected text and sends it to the delicous posting script using its form field name. It was a total guess that it would work, but it does.

    If you want a delicious only version, just make that your only checkbox choice at:

  • D'Arcy Norman

    Well, dang! That works great! I’d seen your posts on your Swiss-Army-Bookmarklet-Generator tool, but since I only use, I’d never checked it out personally.

    Wonder why doesn’t have the selection-to-extended part as part of their stock bookmarklet…

  • Tim Lauer

    Hi Alan,
    I had the same question as D’Arcy… I just replaced my bookmarklet with your bookmarklet tool… Thanks…!!!

  • Will Richardson

    Hey Alan,

    I’m still liking Jots…can you hook me up with a similar tool to save highlighted text into the form like you have with

    Btw, did you ever get my notification from Jots that I added you to a group?

    Aren’t you in Hawaii???


  • Will,

    I do like Jots myself for a general purpose site manager with tagging. I tihnk it will grow. The service you pick depends on where you put the emphasis, and I am getting moe interested in being a better “tagger” (it can get willy nilly- Jots does not offer a tool for reclassifying or moving tags with similar tags to one tag like flickr does.

    As far as the script, it would not work for Jots last time I looked because their servier side script would not accept any variables to populate that field. I have emailed the developer and he may have rolled it in there, so I will check in the next few days.

    And my plan leaves in a few hours, Aloha!