This has nothing to do with blogs, wikis, podcasts, learning objects, or anything technology related. Evidence to the contrary, much in life is not related to that stuff.

Yesterday I took a colleague to one of my favorite out of the way lunch spots, hidden away in a local industrial park area. It is a great place for down to earth good Mexican food (carne asada to die for). I had told Eric I would spring for lunch, but after ordering my food and ferreting through the wallet, I saw I had only $7 half of what we needed. And this is not a place wired for taking debit cards.

But here is where it is crazy- the lady behind the counter, who may or may not recognize my semi-frequent visits, just wrote down our names, attached my business card, and served us lunch on our promise to return today to pay up. This level of kindness and service in the face of our embarrassment is astounding, and unfortunately this is the case these days.

So if you want to know how to find Salsa Y Sombreros, let me know. I will eating there a lot and only partly because the food is good. It gives me thought to considering what I can to to engender that sort of response in the stuff I serve (which is not nearly as good as the carne asada).

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  1. I’ve long suspected that fine carne asada promotes a higher plane of metaphysical being, akin to a culinary spiritualism. Your inspiring tale supports that belief.

  2. I used to work at a fish and chip place (P.B.’s Oshawa, ON) and they would do the same for customers. The customer always returned to settle their bill and was appreciative for the favour. It’s nice to see kindness appear now and then…

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