Yesterday I added two new mirror sites for Feed2JS, bringing the full list of mirrors to seven. The two new kids on the block include:

All sites have been updated to the same functionality (latest update; al;l are listed as the full frenzy history) as the central hosted one (version 1.5 since I started numbering).

I need to come up with a better way of sending code updates, as now I am just uploading them to the various sites. I know one molecule next to nothing about managing software projects beyond my own stuff, so it is being made up as I go. I do have things organized that once given ftp access to a new mirror site, I can get one running and tested in about 15 minutes.

FWIW, we provide all the code one needs to run this on your own server which gives you th functionality of the service, and a simple build a feed form. What the mirrorse have beyond this is a site that has all the sections and pieces of the main site, and those spiffy orange and blue colors.

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