Faster then a speeding meme, more hot that the surface of the sun, all one needs now for a “sexy” technology name is to tack on a “2.0”. Already tired and expired is putting an “i” in front of every noun, even more tired/ more expired is putting the “e” in front of everything.

Submitted for evidence:

* Web 2.0 The Conference (heck I could not even make it to Web 1.0), also Joi Ito is leaving room for Web x.0 (thanks Teemu)
* Web 2.0 Central (flashing, blinking, and ad laden)
* E-Learning 2.0 (no that is not your GPA)
* Business 2.0 (actually, that one’s been out for a long time)
* Identity 2.0 (“the next generation of identity”, a drivers license is like so Identity 1.0… thanks Stephen)
* Cafe 2.0 (does it leave room for cream at the top?)
* Innovation 2.0 (1.0 = Thanks D’Arcy)
* plus another 17,000,000 Googles

Never too late to jump on a bandwagon, I proudly announce Me 2.0:

Me 2.0 refers to a perceived transition of me from a collection of molecules to a full-fledged platform serving widgets to fools. The proponents of this thinking expect that ultimately My 2.0 services will replace all human applications for many purposes.

The original conception of Me (in this context, labeled Me 1.0) comprised static activities that were updated rarely, if at all. The success of the dot-com era depended on a more dynamic me (sometimes labeled Me 1.5) where human management systems served dynamic things created on the fly from an ever-changing content database. In both senses, so-called eyeballing was considered intrinsic to the web experience, thus making page hits and visual aesthetics important factors.

Proponents of the Me 2.0 approach believe that I am increasingly oriented toward interaction and rudimentary social networks, which can serve stuff that exploits network effects with or without creating a visual, interactive human experience. In one view, Me 2.0 acts more as points of presence, or user-dependent human portals, than as traditional people.

On September 30, 2005, Tim O’Reilly wrote a seminal piece, neatly summarizing the subject. But he misspelled my name.

sarcastically and savagley mutilated from wikipedia

Where will it end?

The post "Me 2.0" was originally yanked out of the teeth of a rabid chicken at CogDogBlog ( on October 18, 2005.