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Totally Underwhelmed: Flickr Backuppr

Flickr Backuppr

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I received my flickr DVD backup created by emblaze and while I like having this backup of the pictures, I think about the best part is the priting of the label.

Some things I find underwhelming are:

  • The format of the disk is a few folders for my image sets, and a folder of “uncategorized images”:

    Viewing them means loading an HTML file called “All_Photos.html” which is one ever long scrolling list with just photo titles and thumbnails. The order is screwy too- it list the photos in my sets first, than all the other ones. It is completely unmanageable.

    The icons then just link to a summary page with the title, embedded photo, and caption, and the tags. Nothing is linked, not even to the original URL on flickr.

  • There is not even a navigation link to get back to the index
  • With this structure, the photos are not even in a single directory. Finding images is a hunt and seek approach (I have to know the image title form flickr
  • Very tiny, but when they burned the DVD, it has the glorious name of “UNTITLED”. I imagine a room full of computers, and poorly payed emoployees dragging files and burning disks.

I am glad to have an archive with the original photos domewhere on the disk, but the design and structure are just crap. I doubt I will do this again. It is certainly nothing that is “flickr” like in terms of how it works.

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