Among the steady stream of spam for acne treatments, continued gambling and substance fetishes, apartment rentals, disaster recovery software is a new variety that I am left dumfounded in trying to interpret– these are one line messages of unintelligible alpha numerics. e.g.

JKzw7GIFFsiglB wfedcfy80EZR FXku7fmkbyn0t


SABok8o1e5aYn A9CuXC4vvFU8c YbMFRUk A23NLhe<

[ note both of these have been altered slightly form the originals, I give none of them a roach toehold here]

So any guesses what these are? I am seeing them not only in my weblog but in other user feedback forms elsewhere on my web site. Do I need some of the word unscramblers shared by Bryan Alexander in his Alternative reality Gaming session at EDUCUASE? Or is this more sinister? Is it just weak attempts to get comment approval by the unwary?

Anyone else getting this stuff?

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