I could have done something in those four, make it, five, make it several college years, when wonderful offers like today’s email spam brings:

Obtaining a DIPLOMA has never been so easy! Call today and find out how you could get your DIPLOMA from a highly credible college, Full Transcripts, A Letter of Recommendations, and even honors. 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx No required tests, classes, books, or interviews. Diplomas are available include but are not limited to: Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Doctorate (PhD). Available in any field of your choice. Everyone is approved, Never is anyone turned down. Total Confidentiality assured. Call Today get a DIPLOMA within days!!! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including Sunday and Holidays.

What a fool I was, all I ever got was a diploma, and I could have gotten a DIPLOMA, and rather than studying, reading, working, I could have been out on the beach.

Do people really go for this? What kind of person will actually think this is worth calling a number and giving them your credit card info? How crazy is that?

Rock on, PT Barnum, rock on.

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  • If you are looking for the takers – I think I have worked with several people that got their diploma’s this way! And I think a few of them were my boss at one time or another – no hard evidence – just that deep, dark, foreboding feeling.

    Mind you, rampant paranoia would probably feel the same – not quite sure.

  • phuong

    Xin chao, Minh den tu HL, minh mong muon duoc lam quen voi tat ca cac ban. Thanks you