Nice Bark For Customer Service

In the past I have used this space to vent about experiences with bad customer service (phone trees, bad online help systems, etc), so it is only fair to report a positive experience.

This morning I called Qwest to set up phone lines and internet service for my home office to be ready when I start working for the NMC April 10. I have to say that Matt on the phone end and Barb on the internet set up (Maybe Qwest requires shortened names??) were both clear, courteous, and very helpful. I almost hate to say this, but they both spoke clearly so I could understand them, and I gather I was not talking to someone in a call center on the opposite side of the globe. I was not rushed, I was allowed to ask questions, and the apologized profusely when putting me on hold.

So thanks for the good phone service, Qwest… this might all change if the installers botch the setup, but I am feeling confident must have taken the red pill for breakfast).

Update: I am still upbeat, although I spent more than an hour the next day with Qwest dealing with a mistake on how they had set up the internet access. I actually called to add one more phone feature to my plan, and spoke to Kimberly, who is somewhere up in Utah. After dealing with the phone changes, she asked to confirm the internet set up and could not find any record of it. With more research, it turns out the person who took the order tied it to our personal home phone line, which is not what I needed.

While it took mare than hour to go through everything, I cannot say how helpful and responsible Kimberly was and thorough on confirming all the details. I almost feel like I am gushing on and on and on.

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