I’m enjoying a brief visit from my colleague Mark from Auckland, New Zealand, who was a generous host when I visited his neck of the woods in November 2004. This was a bit tested, when our guest bathroom managed to develop an timely backup the day he arrived.

He got quite a chuckle when the “Rescue Rooter” truck pulled up, and I recalled from my Kiwi slang that in New Zealand, “rooting” has little to do with unclogging drains, and is a reference to an activity I choose not to publicly describe here.

Words are just little squiggles on a page without interesting context.

The post "All In the Context" was originally scraped from the bottom of the pickel barrel at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2006/04/all-in-the-context/) on April 23, 2006.

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