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What is Windows XP doing on my Apple laptop?

Shazam, that was easy. I Boot Camp-ed Windows XP onto my Apple MacBookPro.

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  1. I’m running Mac OS X on my PC laptop. How? I use a piece of software called FlyakiteOSX, some additional tools to fake expose and all my Mac OS X friends are totally tricked to believe that I have Mac OS X running. Why do I turn my PC into Mcdonalds OS X if I could go for the real deal? To test if Mac OS X user experience is worth it and so far my Windows XP has felt better than without, I’m ready for the switch.

    I still like my Linux with tabbed PekWM best, though.

  2. Alan, of course you’re the first one I know to do this :-) How’s the performance?

    I’m still hoping Apple resurrects the fabled “Red Box” Windows API compatability layer. I saw a demo of it back in the pre-MacOSX (Rhapsody) days, where a Windows app ran on a Mac, without installing Windows at all. That would be waaaay better than dual booting for me.

  3. D’Arcy,

    I’ve done not much more than get the OS up, set up my desktop (I hate that green hill), and download Firefox. I’ll do a bit more this week (I need to test ShoutCast which is PC only). It feels responsive. The display is a bit stretched on the wide screen but not distracting. I can’t seem to find the sequence for issuing a right mouse click with only a trackpad available (ctrl do s not work).

    It is hopefully a matter of short time unitl Apple as a true sswithcing approach. I’ve heard from one person giving a good recommendation. It’s just very very early…

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