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  1. Very nice!

    Was this photo a CC photo? If so, did they ask first or simply go ahead and use it?

    I have started to see reuse of some of my cc photos and feel like I am contributing to something big! ;-) . By the same token, I liberally use others CC photos in my presentations.

    I love Flickr and think it is the stealthiest (and most effective) way to introduce Web 2.0 themes and topics to an often critical audience.

    Congrats btw!

    wasted post.. Please delete the one above. (I forgot to co-comment ;-)).

  2. Yes, all my flickr photos are creative commons, but they still asked. While it is wonderful, CC means you don;t have to ask, it is nice to know that your photos are being used. Perhaps there is an expansion to the licenses like By-Attribution-Non-Commercial-Must-Notify

  3. Must notify would be nice. Another twist might be to have the user tag your photo with a unique tag along with some reference point (somewhere on the net). For the most part, I have not yet asked explicitly for the photos I use but imagine I might run into their authors at some conference sometime soon.

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