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Where Did That Server Go?

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Where Did That Server Go?
Where Did That Server Go?
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Our Apple XServe that hosts Feed2JS and some QuickTime streaming has moved upstairs to the main office server area; it previously occupied a spot in our office (see the server farm).

It had been "book mounted" — propped up on some Shockwave programming collector item books from the mid 1990s.

This morning, thanks to the help of our IT server staff (folks I’ve never met before) we carried our Xserve upstairs, plugged it into a rack in the sprawling server room, and Feed2JS is now alive at is old address:


Unfortunately, you may need to wait ______ hours/days for the DNS change to propagate. Sorry, there was no way around that. There ought to be performance increases as it is sitting right on our pipe to the net, and not competing with the network traffic down to our office, where it sat before.

Now I have about 48 hours to code up a new mirror site structure and move it to a FTBN (Forge To Be Named), a new host site for the downloads and information.

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