While driving to work today, i felt like I had forgotten it was some sort of national, regional holiday like Drive To Work With Your Brakes On Day (which can also be celebrated by attempting to send messages via Morse code by tapping on your brakes).

Of course, with only 2.5 days of commute left (as the new work commute will be down my hallway). I may be celebrating something different on Friday.

I must be boring everyone with this stream of things about leaving the job at Maricopa, I think I am yawning myself. It’s been pretty self-absorbed and I’ve been unable to tap into cool things happening like the HigherEd BlogCon (counting on the screen casts being available later).

I’m also rummaging, pondering, how the blogging here may change or not in my new role. I got some things that have been simmering for a while about self defined rules of blogging. Hmmmm.

Later, I have 12 years of web sites to document today.

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