Sigh, here is another yet another lame comment spam effort I spotted starting today, scanning the scum that is caught in the Spam Karma 2 nets on this blog.

Comment spammers are using Feedburner to insert into the URl field things like — all in the hope of hoisting some pages somewhere on the web that have links back to their insipid products. I can only imagine, they use something like blogger to push their links into Feedburner, and then attempt to build indirect link backs via comment spam URL entries.

So I am hoping the folks at feedburner are prepared or doing something to prevent these accounts from being used. On the other hand, thankfully, comment spammers have very low creativity, and their stupid attempts are blatantly obvious. For example, if I write a rabid post about Social Software, isn’t bone head obvious when I get a comment saying, “Great Site! Keep up the good work!” or “I found your site on Google”, that I, as the author, can easily smell that you, the supposed commenter, have written something completely out of context? And your URLs are a dead giveaway. And the repeats are a give away.
Oops, I should not be letting this info out.

I just wanted to point out to others to carefully scan their comments for the obvious signs of comment spam, and using Feedburner as a URL gateway is a new approach. And by all means, if you are a WordPress blogger, get Spam Karma 2 today.

The post "The Smell of Comment Spam Sizzling at Feedburner" was originally emerged from the primordial ooze and first walked on land at CogDogBlog ( on May 26, 2006.


  • Matt Shobe

    Hello Alan,

    The feed you listed, and several others, were removed as soon as they popped up a couple of days ago. We will continue to prevent such misuse as aggressively as we can.

  • Great site! I found it on Google, I agree with your thoughts!

    Haha, just joking!

    Seriously though, I’ve been using the wonderful Akismet Spam plugin that’s bundled with WordPress 2.0 and it’s done an amazing job. Just one or two spam comments that make it past the filters a week now compared to the several dozen spam comments that were getting through before using it. My guess is it works similarly to Spam Karma.

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