Caught Redhanded

Gulp. After telling everyone today about the virtues of using flickr creative commons images, I got caught. I my haste last night to find a banner image for our keynote tag cloud page, I located a nice San Francisco Peaks profile via a creative commons search in Flickrlilli. I did not even register that the license was “No-Derivative” yet I cropped, stretched, and faded it to fit my design.

And Dawn noticed that this was her shared flickr image used also in her own blog site http://flagstaffdailyphoto.blogspot.com/! She nailed me! And I deserved it.

Fortunately, she is being gracious to give me permission to use the image (thanks Dawn, and you have awesome photos!) but I owe it to come clean. Okay folks, get excited about the Creative Commons license, but read the conditions (and follow them). I will be much more rigorous going forward, even in the wee hours the night before a presentation.

Mea culpa.

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  1. Wow. Thanks, Alan. I didn’t expect this but it’s nice to hear. It was cool to see my photo up there during the session and I was mostly curious rather than upset.

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