Utterly amazing, and stupefyingly depressing… Less than 9 minutes after posting Metering Social Bookmarking Services, the inbox registered a quick response… from a casino splog:


who obviously did not read my instructions:

So who can get a high score (pills, porn, and casino, and other cockroach infested sites do not count)?

The roaches are all caught in SpamKarma2 where they cannot leave their fetid footprints. The site is control-clicked sent t Splog Reporter. Does this all really do anything? The latest Wired (not online yet, but I got one in the mail) has a long article on Splogs, and little glimmer of hope beyond more captchas, challenges, and things that punish legitimate commenters.

All of this tip-toes around a root cause. The reward system for links, one that rewards sploggers in more money than you or I could hope to ever earn in a month, is in the form of Google Rank, the very thing that makes Google the wonder that it is. Who can really call them on the carpet? Hold their feet to the fire? Why is there not a method of punishing companies that benefit from illicit link rank inflation?

Some sort of internet law of physics suggests anything that works for a greater good for the internet population is open enough to be exploited b those seeking personal gain (email spam, comment spam,. Can one exist without allowing the other?

But, wow, faster than I can run a mile, the asion folks have read my blog, and taken the time to post a link. How nice. If that is not progress, then…

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