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SocialMeter looked interesting- enter a URL and it pulls some stats from major services like del.icio.us, Digg, Furl, Google, Yahoo, technorati for how many times the URL has been bookmarked. It returns a total hit count, and you can click each service to yank up its results.

Of course, just like one’s first foray when GoogleMaps added the imagery (wow, I can see my house from space!), the first thing one does is a bit of ego surfing.

So a SocialMeter for this CDB blog got a 1467 1517 score (what does that mean? who knows) nearly all from Google and Technorati.

Picture 16-1

And I took another swipe by socialmetering the original Feed2JS site (interesting as the site no longer is even there…. hey someone at Maricopa, check the darn server!), where it pegged a 4200+ 6213 score with almost all from Technorati (it gets zero from Google since the site no longer can be reached, so who has the more sophisticated robot??):

Picture 18-1

Now this might be in the realm of lies, damn lies, and weather forecasters… I was unable to get any URL to register a non-zero del.icio.us score, using sites I know are bookmarked there. Update: this has been fixed, and rather quickly. Nice going!

That said, it’s an interesting tool/idea, and would like to see it pan out– I also think a weighting system should be in there (not sure how) as the services are not all equivalent in scope, usage, and purpose.

So who can get a high score (pills, porn, and casino, and other cockroach infested sites do not count)?

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  1. Sorry about the delicious scoring zeros. For a short while delicious was blocking the socialmeter IP. If you want to verify the scores you can click the icon next to the names to see that service’s page on the URL queried.

  2. Bri, thanks for a quick response! We like that!

    Stephen- show off, you A-list type ;-) Now I have a rabbit to chase around the track.

  3. hello Allan…I am in Florence, Italy where I teach English in Moodle and I found your blog…I like your style. am in a cybercafe at the sea so just a hello from a former fellow American

    ;-) Susan

  4. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for stopping by. Your life sounds idyllic ;-)

    I am now vacationing in a small cabin in the forests of northern Arizona, and should not be spending time on the computer!

  5. Hah! You’ll just have to come to Phoenix, so I can drive you up highway 87 to the Coconino National Forest, and get a photo of Downes eating crow ;-)

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