MacBookPro Gets Home First

My mis-behaving MacBookPro started its vacation a day before mine, but alas, it’s time away from home is shorter than mine… it was shipped to Apple from my doorstep Thursday afternoon, the 24th, while I left town Friday morning.

The MBP was at Apple’s Spa for Weary Laptops on Friday, and turned around the next day, and actually the DHL driver was at my door Monday morning. All of this I know via the not so miraculous feat of online package shipping, and Apple’s Track my Repair status page.

So all I know is my MBP spent a day in intensive care, so I must say with gratitude they responded quickly to the repair request. The big question…. what is in the box at home? Is it a new machine? Is it one with a new logic board? a new screen? something else? Did they fling it open, see a screen lit, and say, “Aha! User Error?” Did they say, “Hey Alan, sorry for the inconvenience… here’s a free video iPod for your troubles…”

Vegas is taking bets… but the answer not to be revealed, since I win the longest vacation race, mine thankfully another week to go, and in a better location. I think.

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