It takes a creative mind to think of a catchy clog subtitle, you know, a pithy phrase that can run underneath the blog’s name. Leave it to Guy Kawasaki’s Signum sine tinnitu:


or skipping passed the image squinting:

Blogger. n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.


And just for some reason why it’s worth reading this Guy, see Ten Things to Learn This School Year:

I’m on the campus of UCSB this week at family camp, and it’s inspired me to blog about what students should learn in order to prepare for the real world after graduation. This is an opportune time to broach this subject because the school year is about to begin, and careers can still be affected…

… It seems to me that schools often teach the opposite of what’s necessary for the real world. Perhaps in school people have plenty of time and no money, so long papers, emails, and presentations are not a problem. However, people in the real world have plenty of money (or at least more money) and no time. This is a list of what I wished I learned in school before I graduated.

And don’t miss the closing line ;-)

Lastly, since Latin was not my study subject, the best web translation I could for the blog title was “Signal without to ring” — which I am not very confident of at all.

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  1. I think Stephen’s right — “signal without noise,” as in a high signal-to-noise ratio, is how I read the sense.

    I think there’s also a wry reference to Guy’s bouts with Ménière’s disease; one of its symptoms is tinnitus (a rining, roaring, or buzzing in the ears).

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