Spam Redirection Embedded in Feeds

Thanks to Todd for alerting me that a low life spammer was exploiting Feed2JS to redirect feed links to their product site. It was clever, coy, and annoying all in one package.

The spammer was generating a feed that had embedded javascript in the channel->description field of the feed, and when rendered via Feed2JS with the HTML option, it actually was able to redirect a browser using the embedded Feed2JS code to redirect and go to another site. They are getting away to it, since the links are to numerous Feed2JS sites around- so and thus appear as legitiamte links when really they all serve to point to the spammers nest.

Specifically affected, are Feed2JS installed at:

* http://feed2js.org/ (which is DOA, someone please rap the knuckles of my former Maricopa colleagues, and ask them to check the darn XServe, hello?)
* http://www.library.yale.edu/feed/
* http://basw.co.uk/feed2js/
* http://alabelmizik.com/newhnr/newsfeed/
* http://coetechcenter.wichita.edu/feed/
* http://www.sleepmonsters.us/feed/
* http://www.asturblog.com/rss/feed2js/
* http://www.hellblazer.com/feed/
* http://franklin.tbo.net/feed2js/

If any of these are your sites, you may want to get an updated version of Feed2JS. I’ve made a quick code adjustment that disables the script insertions this spammer used, and is now available from the primary Feed2JS site at http://feed2js.org/index.php?s=download, or email me and I can send the one line of code that is updated.

It’s sad and pathetic that these sub human life forms waste my time picking up their cockroach poop piles. I did notice that the site the spammer redirects to uses Google Analytics, and I have forwarded full documentation to Google in the hopes their page rank and use of Google technology is flushed down the sewer.

I am rather sickened that this code I launched in the name of sharing is used for selfish pursuits, and also regret I have not had enough time to tend to its upkeep…. and worse that a lot of pages are still hanging on to the old Maricopa site which is out of commission.

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