I’m doing a keynote session for the Basic/Advanced Training track for the K12 Online Conference in October — themed “Unleashing the Potential” (Darren had great words of flattery, plus its a great gang to team up with). The ideas are still brewing, but I was keen to rather than talk generally about the nuts and bolts of broad technologies like blogs, wikis, RSS, to come up with a great set of discrete, neat things one could do with existing web tools, either doing something cool within a common tools (e.g. annotated images with flickr notes) or doing something creative with lesser known tools like gliffy.

So obviously, I do not have a big overflowing bag of items, so I am tossing this out to the wider net to ask others to contribute– an open wiki is posted at http://cogdoghouse.wikispaces.com/webtricks.

What is concocted will be set up in a fascinating, loosely joined structure that is yet to be determined. How is that for vagueness?

So what is your coolest, most obscure web trick?

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