At the end of the K12 Online Conferennce fireside chat last week, I was asked for a closing remark for one “recommendation” to educators facing the firehose of new technologies. Not prepared for this ahead of time, the first thing my mind fled to were two flickr images I used in a presentation a while back… as it seems I might use this as a reference, I am repurposing them here.

So my “message” was to face the future with a sense of wide-eyed wonder rather then dread….

Facing the Future
DreadLinktribute: Flickr image by Eisenvater

… with a sense of dread?

Or, Facing the Future

Linktribute: Flickr image by John Pawley

… with a sense of wonder?

Okay, it is simple, naive, cheery, and a bumper-sticker like philosophy statement– but honestly, it has been the way I have approached technology my entire career.

The post "Facing the Future" was originally dropped like a smoking hot potato at CogDogBlog ( on October 30, 2006.

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