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Barely Blogged: Online Conference on Digital Media

Firstly, I plead guilty.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday as our NMC Online Conference n Impact of Digital Media, where we had great participation (200 registrations, highs of 112 in one live session), yet in some sampling there was hardly a ripple of coverage in the blogopshere, checking today at Technorati and Google blog search, mostly mentions of the conference announcements, but little if any, filtering, commentary on the sessions.

Too bad.

But then again, I’ve not posted any reviews, and in general, find myself less inspired to try and pound out notes and summaries from conference sessions.

Too bad.

My excuse is that in needing to facilitate sessions over two days just leaves us drained -it is non stop from an hour before the first session right passed the last one.

We had excellent keynotes from Howard Rheingold and danah boyd. Lots of great interaction during the live sessions. Scratching my memory, I am eager to follow up to see more about the museum tagging project “steve” and the Oakland Jazz Clubs VR project. There was a lot more than happened inside the 2 days, but I’m blogged out… and wondering about the conference that fell in the woods that did not make a blog sound.

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