No web form open to comments goes un-spammed, so its no surprise that via 2 different YouTube accounts I have, that there have been a spate of unwarranted, message spam porn links from folks like “goodlife100” and “xacana10”. Sadly, YouTube, awash in Googlebucks, seems ill equipped to do anything about this. It’s hard to even locate a decent contact, and when I reported this last week, I got a reply saying they were aware of the problem, were removing accounts, and asked me to keep forwarding notice of message spammers.

Well, for one thing, these accounts are still sending messages to me second account, so their action did nothing. For another, such a solution of asking me to copy paste the crap to send them, is a rather retrograde approach to dealing with spammers.

I’ll just turning off the availability to get messages, but I was expecting a bit more.

Where there is a crack, there a spammer will go. Where there is a text area in a form, there they will excrete their putrid links. You can count on it.

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  1. I’m really amazed that YouTube wasn’t prepared (or rather Google now) to combat comment spam. Most of the major open source blogging, wiki, and forum engines have had several anti-spam options out there for quite some time; you would think that a commercial entity like YouTube would have had the problem already addressed, or at least be testing some anti-spam measures. The fact that they’re asking you to copy and paste the spam, then send the username of the spammers seems almost archaic.

    I’m interested to know how this all turns out for you, and if there’s an acceptable resolution without you having to turn off any features of your account.

  2. Switch to ( Better terms of service, video cross-posting to multiple blogs (including the Internet Archive), automatic transcoding to Flash format, no stupid logo on your work, tags, RSS, an no comment spam to speak of. LOTS to like.

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