Food Map

The point of cognitive desperation on a plane flight is reading the in-flight magazine (no there is one level lower, reading the Sky Mall catalog), but o my flight Thursday to San Francisco, I chuckled at a “map” of the US (under heading “Food Nation”) featuring city/place names that are also food names… and right there, partly representing Arizona, was out little town of Strawberry, we our cabin sits.

Of course, there are some oversights from our elsewhere in our state:

* Potato Lake
* the town of Ajo (means garlic)
* Salt River (condiments are food, right?)
* Rye
* Turkey Flat (also several creeks)
* Berry
* Tortilla Flats (and a creek)
* Peach Springs
* Walnut Canyon (and a creek)
* Lime Creek

And on a side bark to web content, here is an example of lack of micro-contenting information. The magazine took a clump of separate small articles, and hung them on one URL, negating directly linking and making searches harder since keywords from other articles obscure perhaps the specific content you are looking for.

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