I’m in an Airport; It Must Be a Weekday

At least I was home for the weekend! But Monday, and I made it through a 45 minute line at the security gate (hey folks get those dangerous gels inside the baggies!) for my flight to Austin. This week is the 2006 Pachyderm Users Conference — the first time around for this conference, but it will also take place next year.

Sometime in the cracks of the weekend and the rest of the flight, I need to brush up on my Pachyderm expert tips (I’m on a panel, posing as an expert), a hands on workshop for Audacity (basic recording for an interview/intro, editing, save to mp3), as well as helping facilitate a half day preconference workshop on Pachyderm. What’s Pachyderm, they say? Check out the elephant sized project’s web site.

I’ll post some references for the Audacity workshop once it is polished. One thing I did find when googling around is there are lots of workshop documents, sites, and handouts labeled “tutorial” or “workshop” but usually are just screenshots pointing to buttons and controls (I am using Wes Fryer’s rather than making my own).

Oops, they are calling my boarding group, gotta go.

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