• Chris L chrislott.org

    I’ve been trying to love IMified for a couple of days. Finally decided that after it matures a bit it will be much more useful to me for real work. But I do love the idea of IM being another command pipe…

  • Oh I agree. I’ve yet to think of a “why” I would use it — its almost a command land interface, kind of like the first WWW client I saw in 1992. But its interesting to see connections to the web enabled via IM.

  • Scott Keatley aphw.blogspot.com

    This idea is a little to late and will soon be obsolete. The only reason I would blog with my IM is if I was away from a computer but with cellular phones that allow me to view complex web pages I can just fix things there.

    But it is a neat tool for 1998 :)