I am now owner of a plot of land in Second Life, 4096 sq meters on a new sim called “Sciences”, one of the NMC Educational Communities (land that is parceled and rented to educational organizations).

As of tonight I have spent extensive amount of time walking the green carpet and tossing out objects.


Actually I was there for about 20 minutes. Seriously (or semi-seriously), I have been involved in Second Life since March 2006, but mostly in a role of working with our NMC events, managing media, and running group activities. I have not really built anything, thought I like to boast about the quality of my plywood cubes. I have tinkered a bit with some scripting.

But now I have a space to tinker, to express, or just to mess around in. There is an intoxicating allure of this as some virtual level of power?? Maybe, maybe not.

So I am mulling over what to do here. And no, I am not going to erect a dog house, or anything really in that metaphor vein. But I am stretching for ideas… either that, or I am going shopping.

Land Ho!

The post "Land Ho" was originally squeezed out of the bottom of an old rusted tube of toothpaste at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2007/08/land-ho/) on August 29, 2007.

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  • Terraforming is one of THE most fun things when you have land … but are there any restrictions on you, given the surroundings? Could you do something abstract like The Port or funky like InKenzo’s spaces …. or geological? Whatever, am sure it will be a blast. If you would like some terraforming tools to help you along a bit, let me know … and then there’s terrain texturing! :-)

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