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Pshaw to bloggers who cut off or dont harvest their comments! I got rich today! Thanks to Matt M who commented on my “Anyone Remember Podcasting” post, he pointed my to EveryZing– as search services that does keyword searches among audio and video content — and returns results that are linked directly to the segment that matches.

It appears they achieve this feat by using speech to text technology yielding a transcript which can then be indexed for searching. I thought I had seen this before in a site called Podzinger, and checking the old links there, I find they are one and the same.

So for an example, if I am searching for casts that mention NMC, I do a search for “New Media Consortium” (using quotes to phrase search), and a get a list of results, along with a “Play here 3:32” link that loads a player cued to that location on the audio/video that mentions the search term. Woah, Neo!.

At the result level, you get the text of the portion including the search terms, other keywords (linked to new searches) a media player ready to play, plus handy links to embed the player or a URL that will link back to the result page for that found media file. Here I am using the cut and paste code for embedding:

"New media Consortium" Bit By Bit – Seedlings Podcast @ Bit By Bit: Show 18

This gets at one of the limitations I see in audio/video content- it is not easily addressable to specific content within a recording– but this shows it can be.

It’s only as good as that speech to text step, and I saw a number of mistakes, but for what it does, it is going to be useful to track down content embedded within audio/video files. What I dont know now is how it scopes out its search, how widely is the process cast…

Thanks Matt (linktribution in spirit) for throwing me that bone.

This ability to embed media content from other sites is almost getting to be ordinary, but it helps to remember it was not always so easy, or even possible– this is an approach that YouTube certainly helped propel.

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