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If you have not caught the I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER craze, you are about 1 meme behind. It is a subset of the broader genre of LOL CATS.

I created my oen with the ICanHazCheezBurger Factory, a site where you can browse a vast set of uploaded cat images, and then annotate them, to create your own. Mine has its own URL.

It helped me since I have a severe deficit of cat photos.

Yes, like many things on the net it is surficially, well silly. Maybe stupid. And easy for people to snub noses at.

But dig past the content, and what yuo have is (a) a user generated collection of media about a topic; (b) a web 2.0 tool for remixing the images with text to create new content; (c) a network of tools for voting, sharing, etc.

So swap out cat content with something, say, more academic. This is the way I am suggesting we need to be in terms of "being there" with technology, looking past the way web tools are used for silly things, and looking at the affordances they offer.

This is Blog By Flickr Day!

What I am getting at, this is a vehicle to do versions perhaps of the kind of Interesting Snippets blogged before at

and in fact, the new version of Picnick makes this a snap (must reblog what I sent elsewhere)

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