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Multitool Evolved posted 30 Jun ’07, 9.33pm MDT PST on flickr

I’m commencing looking in a few minutes, but am casting out the Lazyweb request (no echoes via twitter) for a web tool– I need a web-based discussion board/ forum tool (gazillions exist) that would allow me to have my own custom scripts (from outside the tool) that would generate new threads– the web forum would simply be a place to go for people to reply.

The need is for an app I am building in Second Life that will generate content that gets posted; what we need is a web interface for people to register replies.

On thought is simply setting up a WordPress blog; I could script form SL a way to register a new blog post, and thus the replies could come through comments, but I think the client is expecting more of a threaded discussion board format.

But I’d like to avoid Rolling my Own (Sloppy) Code.


Oh, it it ought to me PHP/MySQL flavors.

Doth I Asketh too Much?

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  • Brett

    I’ve heard good things about PunBB, but haven’t been able to find a mod specifically for this. From the looks of this ( though, it could be because it’s so easy to roll your own, folks are just doing it that way. Looks like some pretty straight forward sql inserts.

  • Thanks Brett– I like punBB, used it a few years ago at Maricopa and is much less of a headache then phpBB.

    I found in their forums this morning a WordPress plugin that someone wrote to create new forum topics for each blog post; so I am thinking I can extract the logic from how posts are created- very similar to the example you sent which is basically writing directly to the database. It seems workable, thanks for the link.

  • Arthus Erea

    I’d check out Disqus – it offers a service which seems very similar to what you’re asking for. Plus, it supports threaded replies and all that jazz.

  • Thanks Arthus, I like what Disqus does; it has possibility though this project wanted to control access to the comments (sigh, why not just be open!)

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