Customize the Anarchy Media Player Screen

On my tale of switching media player plugins, D’Arcy’s comment about troubles with the Anarchy Media Player preview got my thinking, why be stuck with the lame graphic the plugin provides?

Just make your own, and replace the vid-play.gif file inside /wp-content/plugins/anarachy-media/images — here is a test to see how mone looks- this is the default player if you do not provide a media image:

Paddy the Wombat movie

Isn’t that nice than:


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  1. Its hardly systematic. I dont do too many videos on this blog, if I do they are usually short, silly, or just experiments, so I’ll hang them here as QuickTime. I have cogdog accounts on YouTube and Google, meant more if I am wanting to make them sharable by others.

    I do more video projects for my NMC sites; but we have a robust content delivery network to hang our .mov files (Limelight networks) that can handle lots of requests. Again, we’ll put videos that we dream might go viral on YouTube, blip etc.

    So I guess the answer is “both”/

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