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A Single Purpose Useful Web Site
A Single Purpose Useful Web Site
posted 12 Jan ’08, 9.16pm MST PST on flickr

It exists solely to answer the deep question

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  1. Is it ok to be honest and say “I’m not sure if I get it”? the blog post and your comment, that is.

    Is the link to a ‘happy MP3 song on Amazon” – a bit like ‘on hold’ or ‘elevator music?

    So when Twitter ‘goes down’ (to where I’m not sure), then we’ll at least have something to do (tongue in cheek).

    I’m I starting to sound really ‘simple’? …. sorry just looking for clarification.

    Allison Miller
    Adelaide, Australia

  2. I have no idea Allison, this is total guesswork. My hunch is the web site runs a regular script that pings twitter, and depending on the response, returns a “Yes” or a “No”.

    That’s it.

    The link to Amazon i even more in the realm of guessland.

  3. lol. That’s almost as good as the “Is it Christmas Yet” site… Although I never checked to see what that one had on it when it actually WAS Christmas… Oops.

  4. Nice. Our state’s filter blocks all before it is officially okayed and categoried, and I’m enjoying imagining the faces of the state techies who have to define this website in a way that fits their categories.

    “Education”? “Web Translation”? “Information Technology”?

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