Forget the Social Graph, Here's the Twitter Graph!
Forget the Social Graph, Here’s the Twitter Graph! posted 4 Jan ’08, 11.15pm MST PST on flickr

Hardly a day passes now that there is not some other new web tool doing something interesting with data grabbed from twitter’s open APIs.

This just in is Twitter Stats, which helps you analyze your (or someone else’s) twitter ing trends:

This is a totally ugly engine to produce some stats from your Twitter feed and present them with the Google Charts API, including Tweets per hour of the day, total Tweets per day/month, top @replies and top overall @s.

My own trends pretty much show I twitter most of the work day (uh-oh, dont tellt he boss), with a sharp spike before I knock off at 6pm. And apparently, I do the bukl of my twitter mid-week.

This is the good feeling stuff about web 2.0 orn whatever you want to call this "stuff"- anyone can write some code that can pull data from a service, recast it into new forms or contexts, and then send it to Google Charts to render graphs. Is that small pieces loosely joined in action or what?

Oh well, I better go tweet this.

Mmmm, data.

Charts. Graphs.

Must mean something.

Ih oh.


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