Hurry up and submit your session proposals for the Apr 1-3 NMC Symposium on Mashups! This online conference will take place in both Second Life and on the web at LearningTimes.

Mashup or ShutupCreative Commons licensed flickr image from lantzilla

Data mashups were featured on the mid-term slot for the 2008 NMC Horizon Report. And we now have a brief white paper in CommentPress form so we can generate some discussion leading up to the Symposium.

C”mon, I know there are alot of readers out there who are doing cool mashed up stuff! Toss a session idea in the bin at

Proposals are encouraged on the topic in any of the following areas, but this list is not exhaustive and selections are not limited to these categories:

* Tools and methods for creating educational mashups
* Projects which demonstrate creative use of data mashups
* New approaches to data visualizations based on mashups
* Strategies for encouraging development of mashups
* Applications of data mashups

This event is the eleventh in the ongoing series of specially focused online gatherings that explore new ideas and issues related to technology and learning. The NMC Series of Virtual Symposia is itself an exploration of emerging forms of collaboration and tools.

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