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50 Ways Seeks 150 Examples

I am rather overwhelmed and honored when people tell me how they use, refer or just like the 50 Ways to Tell a Web 2.0 Story (heck I just found out the Andy Carvin blogged it with some nice words way back in November at PBS). It was just a half crazy idea that has played out nicely.

So if people are using it a lot, I’d really like to have a more robust set of examples for the 50 tools for some I just had to find something, and they are all not relevant or educational. So if you, or your students/colleagues have created content with one of these, especially some fo the more obscure ones, please post a note on the discussion page. For example, “technolibrary” added a link to a wiki where students did stories on the Vietnam Wall, such as this one on Slide..

I’ll be cranking up the presentation machine twice in the next few weeks. On May 13, I travel all the way to Mesa, Arizona where I am presenting 50 Ways at the Maricopa Community Colleges Teaching & Learning with Technology conference (has anyone heard of maricopa? know anything about them?). And June 5-6, I am speaking at the University of Delaware, which is very cool since I graduated from there 21 years ago. FYI, I have a one page PDF I made for the last session I did at the eLearning Guild.

So I will be polishing up the tool shed, sussing out some new ones (Vuvox Collage is definitely on my radar, especially with Barbara Ganley’s stunning example), maybe stamping out a few typos, etc.

But I’d really like to have many more examples to point to, share, etc.

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  1. Just left Mesa, AZ after a 5 day visit. I saw MCC and it looked pretty nice. I don’t know anything about the actual place. Mesa is a really neat place though!

  2. Thanks, Pat. My remark was tongue in cheek- I worked 14 years for Maricopa and know MCC fairly well ;-) You should have come up to Strawberry… “Mesa” “neat place” — not sure I heard those words together before, but ok….

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