My second presentation yesterday for the Maricopa Teaching & Learning with Technology Conference was my favorite gig these days, the 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story — which, as the audience learned, is actually hovering at ter Magic Heinz Number of 57 (well technically today 56, as toufee, one of the video editing sites, went from being a free site to a paid site, bye bye).

Look at the happy people (well they were chatting away madly as the opening slide show was running with Paul Simon singing in the background):

Hey Be Quiet! I am Trying To Present!

I do this one sans presentation files, all from pre-loaded Firefox tabs, which sort of works well for jumping around, but I think I overly tax it when I load the 14 or so demos, a few borked in demo mode, but oh well, it happens, right?

I have this one audio recorded as well
50 Web 2.0 Ways (33.6 Mb MP3, 48:52)

Since I heard the screens were hard to hear in ustream, when I ran this one, I left it in camera mode, and hoped my aim of the laptop camera was okay (note the stream was started early, so there may be about 10 minutes of chatter and noise before it starts- or maybe my presentation cannot be differentiated form chatter and noise).

This was a lot of fun, as always, and people just love the craziest things, like Blabberize.

And wow, did this jam packed day go fast! That was the end of the conference, and it was time to go for ppost conference drinks.

Thanks to all my former colleagues at Maricopa for the warm welcome, it was great to be back for a day ;-)

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  1. Thanks a lot for this compilation of useful tools. It is really helpful in my work as a teacher. Our students make quite a lot of digital stories, and they’re always interested in exploring new ways to do so. I’ve linked to your wiki from my own blog. Thanks again for all the inspiration!

  2. It’s funny. I’ve gotten to know you pretty well this last year, but seeing you present I realized just how damn funny you can be. Perfect!

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