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Alltel That Ends Well?

Will This Redeem Alltel?
Will This Redeem Alltel? by cogdogblog
posted 7 May ’08, 10.13pm MDT PST on flickr

My battle to escape jail of my wireless internet provider seems in vain, but they did send me, for free, a newer USB mode, that actually has software for the Mac and promises to be a stronger connection (time shall tell).

Still it tooka call to tech support as they had not updated my account. But the thing works so far, am getting about 800 kbps download and am actually able to tun Second Life.

So I call this a partial victory. My new device seems to be providing good connectivity (in 2 locations so far in Arizona), and since it has the software now running on my Mac (and is a device that clearly is compatible with OS X), I guess I am in business.

I got the new device, a UM150 USB wireless thingie, on Tuesday. I installed software, tweaked preferences, and was unable to connect. I called “Rick”, the Alltel Executive Customer Rep who called my in Austin and arranged delivery of th enew device, but got his voicemail. I had to wait a day until I knew I had a couple of hours free in case I had to wade through the Seven Layers of Customer Support Hell, but actually, it took about 15 minutes, as the advanced tech person had to activate my device in the system.

This morning I got an early call from Rick, who had said he went and called tech support and asked them to make sure I was connected. This is the kind fo service everyone who calls Alltel should get, not just the headcases who make a big deal on the internet.

So while I lost the war to break free of my contract (which seems utterly hopeless anyhow), I consider this a partial win, as the ruckus Devon, Phil, Larry and others made online seemed to have an effect.

Or at least I think so.

My hunch is that you can have happy customer stories or horror tales with all carriers, so its a matter of just keeping the pressure on your jailer.

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  1. Leaving a random comment here .. I leave for Australia on Tuesday … are there starbucks there? Did you go to Brisbane? I arrive at 6: 00 AM — will there latte in the airport?

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