Usually when I get emails about offers to advertise on my blog (which is a rather off thing to ask for), I just delete them. But for fun, when I got this recent one:

We have a client in the e-learning sector who is interested in advertising on your blog. We find it relevant to our client and your blog to be of high quality. We are interested in buying links site-wide, homepage links, link within articles, or having you write about our client and linking to them. If you are open to doing so, we can also provide the content Please write back to me with your advertising rates and how much it will cost to sponsor a blog post on your site. Also, if you run other blogs, please send those to me too. We will be able to Paypal you immediately for these link placements.

… I decided to put a number out there:

My fee is $1,000,000 cash.

If I dont post ever again, you will know they went for the sucker bet.

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