Yawn, Twitter's Down, Yawn...
Yawn, Twitter’s Down, Yawn… by cogdogblog posted 5 Jun ’08, 8.38pm MDT PST on flickr

Hardly news, but at least the folks at twitter are not wasting time spell checking the error messages .I’m guessing a LOLCAT is at the keyboard.

Twitter is currently down for We are quickly fixing some discrepancies across our webserves. Coming right back!.

Roughly translated as "Twitter haz hairball n dadabaze"?

But wait, there is hope! They now have an ETA:

We expect to be back in about 1 hour. Thanks for your patience.

Of course "in about an hour" from when? an hour ago? tomorrow? whenever?

Easy potshots, yes, I know.

Yeah, and crazy enough, I still love, want to be twittering. Nope, I am not jumping ship. As if we need loyalty to free addictive web sites that owe us nothing.

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