For no other reason that it was fun to play with, using the cutting web 2.X tools of BombayTV, we have the latest in the tales of edupunk.

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A linktribution goes to the Adventures of Bollywood Blackboardwala by Randy Thornton for yielding this site that allows you to write your own sub titles for a clip from a Bollywood movie.

Jim, you coulda been somebody, you coulda been a contenda….

The post "EduPunk Goes Bollywood" was originally rescued from the bottom of a stangant pond at CogDogBlog ( on July 25, 2008.


  • Cogdog,

    Wow, I’m honored, and I don’t know what to say. But, I’m sad to say, this video comes aday too late. I accepted the vice presidency at BlackBoard and I ate the Calzone—it was delicious. You’re a nut, and that’s why I love you! And your gift for storytelling is of no small magnitude, the way you use the facial expressions in this clip really bring the beautiful nuances of EDUPUNk, selling out, and the New World Order of black suits and red shirts to life, awesome.

  • Alan Levine aka CogDog

    I had no intent on going this route- I was just grooved when I saw this little site to allow you to attach your own subtitles to a foreign language film. It’s an interesting creative process to watch clip and try to insert a new story line that works with the expressions and scenes.

    Calzones for everyone!

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