If you are in Sydney on Saturday and game to play dodge the pilgrammage crowd game, then join me and my NMC colleagues for a walk somewhere on a beach or around the harbor… er “harbour”. That’s th eplace with the funky curve building. I think they do art stuff there or maybe it is a fancy coffee shop (just kidding- above photo is from my first visit to Sydney in 2000).

My friend/colleague Sean FitzGerald is picking out some routes, and we’ll make a group decision in the morning for some options for long walkers or folks that may want to catch a museum. Meet us at Circular Quay around 10:30am Saturday. Okay, that is a big place, am waiting for Sean to identify a more discrete landmark, so either tweet me @cogdog or @sean… or maybe not the smartest thing to blog, SMS me on my aussie phone 04 3127 3616.

Weather looks like it will be sunny and ripe for photos, hoping to capture some good gigapan scenes, or failing that, a number of beer photos- would take some work to top the 3 from Port Douglas

Beer Stop #2 in Port Douglas

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