State of the Web 2008
State of the Web 2008 by cogdogblog
posted 9 Jul ’08, 11.32pm MDT PST on flickr

What a great presentation of web trends, with extra snark!

"This was created on a cloudy afternoon in Seattle by Matthew Inman of"

linktribution to the Shifted Librarian

fun fun fun

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  1. Hi ya L’l Al!

    While playing with WordPress today, looking for new front pages here you are in Osstralia again! It is bloody cold in Canberra today cobber!

    Big Al

  2. Hey Big Al! You are still kicking! Yes, back in OZ, thought not near Canberra this time. They say it is “freezing” in Melbourne, but it feels pretty mild to me. Say hello to the kangaroos on the hills!

  3. Sure am kicking Li’l Al – the kangaroos are a dying breed; 430 were put down in an enclosed Defence site last month – big controversy. Lots more to go though……..

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