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Apple Features “I am Smarter Than You” Search Results

When you type some keywords into a search box, be prepared for a naive assumption that you are searching an entire web site.

A few weeks ago, in my first aborted attempt to give money to Apple, I came across a web site on that allows you (well after 9pm) to check whether a certain store purportedly has alleged devices, bearing a big header Check 3G iPhone Availability:

But let’s say you don’t happen to know that URL. A logical step would be to use the search box on Interestingly enough, if you type in the words check 3G iPhone Availability, none of the 9 results yield this page:

Glitch? Evil Plot? Alan’s weird obsession? Draw your own conclusions.

Despite being thwarted from trying to give Apple my money, despite their lock-in to a wireless provider who claims to have “the widest coverage” yet has zero bars where I live compared to Verizon, Alltel, Sprint all you have with 5 bars… I am still trying to get one. How crazy is that? Do I have to pay apple to make them take my money? Where do I sell my soul?

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