Are You Talking To Me?
Are You Talking To Me? by cogdogblog
posted 6 Sep ’08, 9.49am MDT PST on flickr

Next time you need a good nom de plume, try the Mob Name Generator. Tell them Shakes Pretiili sent you.

Yes, I am all over the Generator Blog a nearly infinite list of fun little things to do on the web that create things dynamically.

Next up… maybe.. the Chinese movie generator, the Swedish Furniture Name, or next time some asks you for a reference, spit out something with the Endorsement Generator.

Besides the silly stuff, which of course is very important here at CogDogBlog, I found a link to PhotoSoup which creates a word finder puzzle generated by pairs of tags in flickr… very cool indeed:

PhotoSoup is a visual word puzzle generator that allows users to create word search puzzles with tag-photo pairs taken from Flickr. The tag is hidden in the puzzle, and only the associated photo is shown as a clue. The objective is to find all hidden tags in the puzzle before you run out of time.

I just made one based on my flickr account- it creates a word puzzle based on my own tags with images from other flickr users who deploy the same tags:

But wait! There is more! You can generate embed code to put a PhotoSoup puzzle in any web page. The size is pretty large, so I put in on a wikispaces site as a demo:

and even cooler is that every time it loads (I think) you get a different puzzle.

Its a good day when you start having fun looking at silly things and then fall into sweet serendipity land of finding neat sites like PhotoSoup.

Just don’t mess around with Mr Petrilli. I warned ya.

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