That's My Photo!!
That’s My Photo!! by cogdogblog
posted 8 Oct ’08, 2.33am MDT PST on flickr

A new round of self back-patting! One of my flickr photos is part of a museum exhibit… I got a flickr email request a few weeks back from a designer who asked to use one of my photos in part of a new exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences.

For one of our interactive exhibits we’re looking for photos that show the different ‘personalities’ of water (salt or fresh, fast or slow, cold and warm etc…) and we’re trying to use Creative Commons licensed photos as backgrounds to our display.

My original photo:

was actually looking through some clear water in Fossil Creek, AZ at the round pebbles.

The display screen was fascinating- it was oblong shaped like a giant guitar pick shape, and the images changed as you waved your hands over the display screen form some overhead projection and motion detectors. This was part of the "Water is Life" exhibit at California Academy of Sciences…

which describes the screens:

The sinuous forms that invite touch throughout the exhibit become directly responsive in the interactive touch surfaces that are embedded in the three central islands. The imagery on these surfaces is projected from above, while water and mist play across them. Hand motion over the surfaces is tracked using camera vision, rewarding curious visitors with responsive content.

In order to project the surround-view media presentation onto the sculpted surfaces of the Water Planet walls, the designers turned to Seventh Sense software, which is capable of merging multiple sources of projection onto compound-shaped visual fields, creating a seamless, shared experience for up to 150 people.

The combined effect of these technologies is an immersive, interactive space that evokes a sense of wonder about the key element that makes life possible on Earth””water.

Yet one more small example of what an open content, connected system like flickr enables.

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