Functional Simple Web Design
Functional Simple Web Design by cogdogblog
posted 27 Nov ’08, 11.00pm MST PST on flickr

No frills, but in zero clicks, gives you your local weather forecast (detects location via IP address).

Maybe it is the start of some new minimalistic zen of web design…

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  1. Interesting idea, needs a little tuning as it reading my ISP’s location i.e. London when I live in Wales.
    However I would be concerned if someone could tell where i’m from just from visiting a website mind, those other than ISP’s and legal bodies.

  2. @Gareth: It’s been true for I think as long as the web has been around, that every request you make to a web server to get content, tells that server in HTTP header (the package of information sent to the web server) what your IP address is- which is not your address really, but where your IP is generated by your web host.

    10 years ago when I started looking at this information on my web server, I was stumped why so many of my visitors were from Virginia– til I realized that was the home of AOL.

    The number of these users has plummeted ;-)

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